Interested In Dental Practice Financing? Here Are The Facts

dental practiceFor many patients, a major obstacle to having dental work performed is a lack of cash. Many dental plans don’t cover all or even most of the cost of major dental work, including dental implants. In fact, many plans only provide full coverage for preventative care. That’s why dental practice financing is so important. Here’s how providing a solid financing program can boost your business.

1. Average Ticket Price Increases When Dental Practice Financing Is Available.

For most consumers, a dental implant is the preferred treatment after losing a tooth. For one thing, implants provide a permanent solution, unlike dental bridges which are removable. Placing an implant requires an extensive amount of work in the dental office and, unfortunately, comes at a price that scares many consumers off.

However, when your dental practice provides a financing option, instead of simply pulling the tooth and billing for that service alone, you can increase the size of the final bill by providing a desired implant. Because more and more dental practices are providing financing options, if your practice doesn’t have financing for dental work, your patients will start taking their dental needs elsewhere. Financing gives patients the option of making a series of affordable payments to ensure continued dental health, while your practice will gain an increase in total revenues.

2. Dental Financing Helps You Attract New Patients.

Like every other business in the Internet age, customers spend a lot of time searching the web for a dental provider. When your dental practice works with a dental financing company like Paypro Finance, you can begin advertising that fact online and watch your web traffic levels increase on the Internet. Not only will patients be more likely to find you on the web, but since they are actively looking for a dental practice that provides financing during their searches, they are also more likely to convert into paying patients.

In fact, when you advertise the fact that you have dental practice financing on the web in your local area, the number of hits that you receive as a result will surprise you. Not only will it help you to build your business for extensive procedures such as implants, but the increase in traffic will significantly increase your patient base for other procedures, as well. Financing for dental procedures is in high demand. When you are able to provide it, your practice will reap the rewards.

3. Dental Practices That Provide Financing Stand Out From The Crowd.

As dental patients become more knowledgeable, they are increasingly looking for better options for their oral care. When your dental practice provides a comprehensive plan to cover their needs, both dental and financial, your business will skyrocket. Once the calls start coming in, you will find yourself booked solid for months in advance, when you take advantage of the increased opportunity to sell your dental services through financing.

The unfortunate truth for many dental patients is that very few dental offices in their area are providing an affordable way to finance extensive dental work. However, dental financing companies like Paypro Finance actually offer low or zero interest loan options for many customers. Try putting that kind of financing up on your website and watch the response that you get.

Financing for dental work is becoming increasingly popular with patients. Dental practices can provide it without significantly overloading their staff with paperwork when they work with an experienced lending company such as Paypro Finance that streamlines the process. If you haven’t begun providing options for financing to your dental work yet, now is the time to start.